For most people horror movies are feared and avoided, or provokes negative feelings. However, the genre has always held happy feelings for me when I think about my childhood. I bonded with my mom over these movies. We didn't bake cookies or go shopping, or whatever it is that mothers and daughters usually do. It was on slow weekend afternoons or during the summer in front of our massive old RCA tv (that may or may not have had the remote at this point). Channel 20 was Paramount 20 and we didn't have cable or a VCR (DVDs didn't exist). By the middle of the movie my mom had either fallen asleep, walked out in disgust, or had joined me in yelling at the actors on screen.

It was where I first saw Freddy Krueger and Night of the living Dead. It holds the wonder and awe like Disney's magic, it is the transformations of people to beasts and other worldly creatures, it's the unknown places shrouded in mystery, legend, and superstition, it's the makeup, masks, and costumes. This is why I love the genre and how my love of the dark and the mysterious was born.

I started this email campaign as a way to share some of my favorite movies and to use this as a building block for a future, similar themed project. So I hope anyone who signs up sticks around and takes the journey with me as I see my vision to fruition. You can use the form to the right to sign-up.


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